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Do you know how your bank calculates their penalties? - Posted 2014-07-22 10:42:07

Do you know how your bank calculates their penalties? Most borrowers are familiar with the standard penalty, which is a 3 month interest penalty. This 3 month penalty applies for all variable rate terms and is the minimum charge for anyone breaking a fixed rate term before expiry, and is fairly easy to calculate - take your mortgage amount, multiply it by your interest rate on your mortgage and divide that number by 4 to get the 3 months interest cost. But not everyone is familiar with IRD (Interest Rate Differential) penalties and how they are calculated. Even fewer are aware of how banks can manipulate these penalties. An IRD penalty can apply if it is greater than the 3 month in...

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Term Posted Our Rates*
6 Month 4.45% 4.45%
1 Year 3.50% 2.79%
2 Year 3.55% 2.59%
3 Year 3.99% 2.59%
4 Year 4.19% 2.77%
5 Year 4.79% 2.89%
7 Year 6.35% 3.79%
10 Year 6.75% 4.29%
Variable   2.35%
As of 2014/11/05
*Rates may vary and may be subject to change without notice.

Working with you over the last few of years has been a true pleasure. Your wealth of knowledge and quality of service has provided us with confidence for choosing the right mortgage products for our long term goals. We would not hesitate to recommend you for both personal and investment properties.

– The Vernon Family (Park Place Investments Inc.)

Kyle Green, I can't thank you enough. Venturing into the world or mortgages I knew absolutely nothing, and it was a little scary. My wife and I spent over two years going over our options with you, when, where, and what we could afford. With our uncertainty about jumping into a mortgage you have shown great patience and kindness, always taking the time to explain things. You Kyle have always had our best interests in mind and became someone I could trust. No matter how many times we flip flopped on buying a home, you were always there for us. I have referred people to you, and will continue to. Thank you so much!

– Chris F.

Kyle, thank you for your patience in answering all our mortgage related questions. You helped us through what was potentially a complicated and frustrating process. You gave us confidence that you were finding the best mortgage on our behalf, based on our future short, and long term goals. I would not hesitate to use you again, and would recommend you to other real estate investors.

– Corina

For me Kyle Green has been an excellent mortgage broker for both personal and investment properties. He has a lot of knowledge and energy to get the deal done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

– John Gilmour

Working with Kyle Green was a pleasure. He was quick and effective in meeting our needs and getting us the results we wanted. His advice was knowledgeable and applicable and helped us reach our goals. We would not hesitate to recommend hs services to anyone looking for a reliable mortgage broker.

– Maia & Ziggy Binder